Welcome to SteviaSugar

SteviaSugar™ Corporation Sdn Bhd is a company specialized in growing, harvesting, extracting, and refining of Stevia Rebaudiana miraculous sweet plant into fine non-calorific natural sweetener namely Rebaudioside-A.

Besides producing Rebaudioside-A as non-calorific natural sweetener for food beverage and pharmaceutical industries, our company is dedicated to produce a whole range of stevia-based products namely:

  • SureVia™ : Zero calorie natural sweetener for consumer.
  • DrSweet™ : Special tea blend with 6 unique herbs together with StebianA™ Stevia that helps to reduce blood sugar level and promotes natural slimming.
  • GreenVia™ : Stevia leaf , Stevia green powder and Stevia plants.


SteviaSugar Products


Zero Calorie Natural Sweetener

W/M : RM15.90

E/M : RM17.50



DrSweet™ Tea

6 Unique Herbal Tea Blend

W/M : RM28.00

E/M : RM29.50




StebianA™ Stevia Tea Cut Leaves

W/M : RM25.00

E/M : RM26.50